Signs of disbelief at 5,200pc parking hike – but it’s not as bad as it looks

Robin Hood's Bay
Robin Hood's Bay
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A “badly worded” note tied by the council to lampposts in a North Yorkshire seaside community panicked residents into believing that the cost of their car parking permits was to rise by 5,200 per cent.

The note appeared to suggest that a new “concession scheme” would allow residents to use public car parks at Station Road and Bank Top in Robin Rood’s Bay, where the winding roads make street parking impossible.

The permit currently costs residents £30 a year, but the note indicated that under the new scheme, the price would rise to £1,600.

The information generated an avalanche of complaints on social media to Scarborough Council, until officials confirmed that the new charges referred to a different scheme.

Fylingdales ward councillor Jane Mortimer said the notice had been “poorly worded”, and added: “I know there has been confusion about it and I have put something out on social media to try and clarify it.

“I’m sure the form has everything on it that is required legally but perhaps they need to be checked by a layperson to ensure they are understandable before they go out.”

Resident Steve Donkersley wrote: “They ought to withdraw that notice and reissue it clearly stating what they actually mean.”