SNOW: Hour by hour forecast for Leeds and Yorkshire on Wednesday as snow showers set to roll in

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Amber weather warnings have been issued for Yorkshire for Wednesday by the Met Office.

Most of the county suffered the effects of the Beast from the East on Tuesday, and Yorkshire was no different, with disruption for motorists, train users and airline passengers.

Snow: Met Office prepares to issue highest possible alert
The Met Office upgraded the warning from yellow to amber for Yorkshire, with heavy snow showers expected for large parts of Wednesday.

Wednesday's hour-by-hour weather warning

12am – Heavy snow showers

1am – Cloudy

2am – Light snow showers

3am – Heavy snow showers

4am – Light snow showers

5am – Heavy snow showers

6am – Heavy snow

7am – Heavy snow showers

8am – Heavy snow

9am – Heavy snow

10am – Light snow showers

11am – Heavy snow

12pm – Heavy snow

1pm – Heavy snow

2pm – Light snow showers

3pm – Light snow

4pm – Sunny intervals

5pm – Sunny

6pm – Light snow showers

7pm – Light snow showers

8pm Light snow

9pm – Light snow showers

10pm – Light snow showers

11pm – Heavy snow showers

The 1995 snowstorm which brought chaos to Yorkshire and killed six