The 17 East Coast Main Line stations have been ranked from best to worst – how did Doncaster fare?

It is the long-distance rail route which links London to Yorkshire, the north east and Scotland – and now every single station on the East Coast Main Line has been ranked from best to worst.

Everywhere from King’s Cross to Edinburgh has been rated by CityMetric, an arm of the New Statesman magazine.

Doncaster Railway station.

Doncaster Railway station.

And while Doncaster wasn’t one of the worst on the line, it wasn’t one of the best either, landing in eighth spot on the rundown by Conor Matchett.

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In the rundown, which he describes as an ‘important and objective ranking of the 17 main stations on the East Coast Main Line’ the town’s station is described as ‘not quite Sheffield.’

“It’s a shame we’re not Sheffield,” should really be Doncaster’s motto,” he adds in the article, which you can read HERE

But despite claiming the town lives in the shadow of our South Yorkshire neighbours, Doncaster gets off pretty lightly compared to other stations along the line.

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The entry for Retford reads: “Where is Retford? What is Retford? Why is Retford? Why must my train stop in this desolate part of the country between Peterborough and Doncaster where, I have been reliably informed, nothing exists?”

Dunbar in Scotland was blasted for its “smarmy, narcissistic topiary hedge, spelling out its name” while Peterborough was dubbed  “a depressing concrete monstrosity where dreams go to die.”

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Dunbar’s description was enough to earn it bottom spot while top billing went to Edinburgh Waverley station with the entry declaring: “It’s not the prettiest station, it’s not the most well connected station, it’s not even the busiest in Scotland but it’s the best around.”

Here’s the full rundown – from best to worst

17. Dunbar

16. Retford

15. Peterborough

14. Northallerton

13. Stevenage

12. Grantham

11. Morpeth

10. London King’s Cross

9. Newark North Gate

8. Doncaster

7. Darlington

6. Berwick-upon-Tweed

5. Alnmouth

4. Newcastle

3. Durham

2. York

1. Edinburgh Waverley