The Yorkshire Post says: Help families of disabled children to make ends meet

Many parents with disabled children face financial struggles.
Many parents with disabled children face financial struggles.
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Ensuring disabled children have access to the right care, support and education is challenge enough for their loving families, who often have to make considerable sacrifices in meeting their needs.

One often-overlooked yet major difficulty for families with disabled children is the sheer expense of providing essentials – a situation exacerbated by caring responsibilities affecting the ability for many to work and therefore earn money for the household.

Research from charity Scope has now found that these families face average extra costs of £581 per month, with almost a quarter looking at more than £1,000 extra. The money goes on essentials such as heating, therapies and equipment; items that disabled children can simply not go without.

Scope wants the Government to take action to help families tackle the “astronomical” bills they face. Parents and guardians in this position undoubtedly deserve more support.