The Yorkshire Post says: Steel industry deserves certainty and stability

British Steel.
British Steel.

Amid warnings of further uncertainty for business following the six month extension to the Brexit deadline, British Steel has confirmed it is in talks with the Government about possible support to help it cope with the UK’s planned departure from the European Union.

This newspaper unashamedly revels in the proud history of steel-making, particularly in and around South Yorkshire, and, as the UK’s second biggest steel production company claims it is “not immune” from Brexit challenges and reportedly seeks an urgent £100m loan after the failure to secure a withdrawal deal left it frozen out of an EU-wide carbon trading scheme, local captains of the industry will be looking to those in power.

Here in Yorkshire, Sheffield Forgemasters is renowned for being the best at steel production on the planet and it is no coincidence that the likes of McClaren and Rolls-Royce have set up at Rotherham’s Advanced Manufacturing Park, surrounded by world-class industry expertise.

Given how difficult it has been to trade in a global environment where China has been accused of ‘dumping’ large quantities of cheap steel onto the marketplace, hard-working people who have made and continue to make a living in this industry, including those in Sheffield and at steelworks in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire deserve stability and certainty perhaps above all others. As Brexit continues to play out nearly three years after the referendum, they will be turning to the Government for reassurances.