These very rare birds have been spotted eating berries in Leeds

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Waxwings have been spotted in Leeds by an eagle-eyed bird watcher.

Paul Wheatley, who tweets as @Leedsbirder, was tipped off about the sighting by friends Jonathan Scragg and Duerden Cormack before taking his camera and capturing the brilliant footage.

Waxwings cc Paul Wheatley @Leedsbirder

Waxwings cc Paul Wheatley @Leedsbirder

The waxwings are brown and pale grey birds with silky plumage, a black and white eyestripe, a crest, a square-cut tail and pointed wings.

They are rarely spotted so Paul rushed down to the scene as soon as he was alerted.

Paul said: "I had the day off to recover from a 24 hour charity bird race across Yorkshire (we raised £2000) and I had a couple of tweets from birders in the area who had seen the Waxwings.

"I had chance to pop down to Kirkstall Road for a look.

"Waxwings like to perch safely at the top of tall trees, but are hungry for berries.

"After locating them perched up, I spotted the Rowan tree right outside the gate of ITV.

"So I set up my scope and staked out the tree.

"Eventually the Waxwings flew down to feed, but by this time the light was starting to go so it’s a bit grainy.

"The best way to see Bohemian Waxwings is in glorious winter sunshine - maybe next time!"

Paul said Waxwings can be spotted around supermarkets - with many trees containing the berries they are looking for.

He added: "They are often planted up with berry trees like Rowan, and that’s what the Waxwings have come from Scandinavia to eat."