This is how you can give Santa your Christmas wish list electronically via a live chat

Have a live chat with Santa
Have a live chat with Santa
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Leading webchat provider,, is proud to announce that it’s teamed up with Santa Claus to provide a quicker, cost-effective and more environmentally friendly way for children to deliver their Christmas wish lists this year.

Santa will be leaving his elves unsupervised in the workshop throughout December, to sit down at his computer and take Christmas wish lists electronically via Yomdel’s live chat.  

Every year, the infrastructure of the mail room at the North Pole strains under the weight of hundreds of thousands of letters from children keen to deliver their list of toys to Santa in person.

But as with every big organisation, it simply isn’t realistic for St Nick to read and reply to every letter, so he has chosen to integrate Yomdel’s live chat to help with the heavy lifting so more of us can guarantee our lists reach him in person.

Not only will those who talk with Santa via live chat know that their list has been safely delivered, but it saves on the cost of stamps, stationery and envelopes while going some way in helping the environment by saving paper waste as well.  

If you (or your child if you need a cover story) want to chat to Santa, just head to All children will need to do so with the supervision of an appropriate adult but all big kids over the age of 18 won’t.

Yomdel Founder, CEO and Business Growth Expert, Andy Soloman commented: “Even the most tried and tested business models can benefit from the integration of new technology from time to time and Mr Claus fully understands this.

“He’s previously made changes to the toy construction aspect of his operation to better streamline the construction, packaging and delivery element, but our partnership allows him a little more breathing room at the initial point of contact when fielding Christmas wish lists. 

“As well as the increased interaction, we believe this will help demonstrate the more human side of Nick. He’s a well-known, well-loved character, but he spends a lot of time up at the North Pole working, and the rest of his time making deliveries while everyone is asleep. As a result, no one really gets to chat with him in person and as we specialise in providing a chat function operated by real people, it made sense that we’re the ones to help showcase this side of him.”

Father Christmas also commented: “This time of year I’m quite literally snowed under at the North Pole, so this partnership enables me to increase productivity without any additional resource other than my laptop.

“It took a little while for Mrs Claus to set it up for me but I’m now ready to go and look forward to chatting with people across the nation in person – with a little help from Yomdel of course.”

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