This is when Yorkshire will be battered by heavy downpours this weekend as Storm Ernesto hits the UK

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Yorkshire is set to be hit by long periods of heavy rain over the weekend as Storm Ernesto looks set to batter the UK.

Experts at the Met Office are warning that the coming days could be marred by stormy weather conditions thanks to Storm Ernesto, which formed in the North Atlantic near the east coast of America on Tuesday.

When will rain hit Yorkshire this week?

When will rain hit Yorkshire this week?

It has since been travelling across the ocean at around 40 miles per hour.

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Bad weather is set to arrive in the country in the early hours of Sunday morning, but will only hit certain areas.

And forecasters say that Yorkshire will see the majority of the bad weather on Sunday, with rain predicted for the majority of the day.

Heavy downpours will begin early in the morning and won't stop falling until around 7pm, the experts say, but highs of around 21C could mean there will be a muggy feeling in the air.

Saturday is set to be the better of the two days, although it will remain cloudy for the majority of the day.

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Northern Ireland, Scotland and western England are all expected to feel the effects of the severe weather, which could potentially be upgraded to a hurricane.

However, the south of England is not currently set to be impacted by the storm.