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The nation remains divided over the UK's departure from the European Union.
The nation remains divided over the UK's departure from the European Union.

From: John Van der Gucht, Clayton Hall Road, Cross Hills.

RECENT correspondents complain of the loss of sovereignty caused by EU membership and betrayal of the 2016 referendum result. The UK’s ability to punch above its weight has been enhanced by our senior role in the EU, along with Germany and France, indeed it has complemented our leading role in NATO, as well as in security matters. Betrayal? This assumes that referendum results are set in stone.

The 1975 referendum result clearly was not, so why should the 2016 result be? Brexiteers pontificate about the will of the ‘people’. The ‘people’, numbering 17.4 million, or just over a third of the total electorate, are in fact a minority, if a very substantial one.

There seems to be no acknowledgement of the other substantial minority, 16.1 million, or the fact that the country as a whole is split over this issue, in particular the Tories. Surely, this is the time to accept that no ‘faction’ can achieve all of its goals, and to agree to a pragmatic compromise.

From: Richard Godley, Meadowfields, Whitby.

I AM getting really fed up about all the wriggling and about-turns that very many MPs in the House of Commons are currently engaged in. A lot of them wish to have another referendum in the hope that the Brexiteers will see the error of their ways and vote to remain in the EU, thus in the process they hope to defend their seats.

Also I get really angry about remoaners who predict a ‘catastrophic crash out and mass redundancies’ with all the evils that come with leaving the EU.

What I want from the remoaners is a list of exactly what damage they think will happen to the country and its economy. Let’s have a remoaning response listing all the bad things so we, Brexiteers, can use facts against them.

From: Peter Booth, Hale.

Is Mrs May’s real plan to destroy the Conservative Party and humiliate the UK?

We voted for Brexit. Mrs May has shown utter disdain for democracy and the will of the people, contempt for our great heritage, ignorance of what the UK has and can do and a skill at losing elections and being humiliated in all international discussions.

The Conservative Party will be decimated in the local and EU elections and Labour will not do much better.

We will see the creation of a new electoral order.