Town pub’s £8 breakfast with everything bought from Doncaster Market sparks massive praise

The Olde Castle's 8 big breakfast. (Photo: Olde Castle).
The Olde Castle's 8 big breakfast. (Photo: Olde Castle).

A popular Doncaster town centre pub has started serving up an £8 full English breakfast, with everything on the plate coming from the town’s market.

The Olde Castle Hotel in the Market Place has launched its big breakfast containing nothing but locally sourced ingredients – and fans have rushed to praise it.

Announcing the launch of the breakfast on the pub’s Facebook page, it said: “Is it the cheapest on the Market?

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“No and that’s because everything on the plate is from Doncaster’s award winning market - never frozen, fresh this morning.”

The fry-up includes three sausages and black pudding from Wilkinsons butchers, three rashers of bacon from the Farmhouse Pantry, two home made hash browns, two eggs from Chicken Shack, fried bread, toast, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms and “as much tea and coffee as you can handle.”

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Since launching last week, customers have been full of praise for the pub’s stance.

Kevin Callan said: “Just what doctors ordered after a big night out in Donny.”

Michael Berry said: “Nice to see someone using the market for their products - had breakfast here this morning and it was superb will definitely be going again very soon.”

Richard Smith added: “You get what you pay for.....and it looks great to me!”

Bob Morgan posted: “Had breakfast there this morning with two friends from darn Laaandan - excellent food - and great value.”

The Breakfast Club, the Doncaster Facebook page devoted to reviewing the town’s English breakfasts, has also promised a secret visit in the coming weeks.

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