VIDEO ‘Fear me!’ Terrifying moment ghost threatens investigator and hurls object at him in South Yorkshire wood

This is the terrifying moment a ghost hunter was threatened by an apparition and had objects hurled at him in a haunted South Yorkshire wood – with the whole chilling encounter caught on camera.

Paranormal investigator Phil Sinclair was left shaking and screaming in fear after the frightening encounter in an area of woodland renowned for ghostly sightings of a mysterious ‘woman in white.’


As the drama unfolds, the ghost yells: “Fear me!” – and a mysterious thud can be heard in the background after Mr Sinclair challenges the spectre to throw something at him.

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Using an electronic device which he uses to communicate with the ghost, Mr Sinclair yells: “”Do something right now.”

Phil Sinclair comes face to face with a ghost in a South Yorkshire wood.

Phil Sinclair comes face to face with a ghost in a South Yorkshire wood.

A thud can be heard in the darkness and he screams: “What the f****** hell...who just threw that? Show yourself now.”

As he tells the camera, “there’s something in here,” the ghost replies using the device, known as an Ovilus, saying: “I am.”

Mr Sinclair adds: “I said ‘is there something in here and it’s said’ ‘I am.’

He again challenges the ghost, shouting: “I demand that I get a name of the person throwing things in this wood.”

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The spectre replies: “Fear me!”

The seven minute clip, which has been uploaded to YouTube, was filmed over the weekend in woods near Wath-upon-Dearne.

Urged by his colleague filming the encounter to “take a minute,” a breathless Mr Sinclair crouches down and says: “There’s something really bad in these woods.

“Something is here. There’s somebody here responding to me. There’s somebody throwing things.”

His fellow investigator says: “It could have been anything. It could have been a branch falling off a tree – it happens at this time of year.”

Mr Sinclair replies: “That was more than a branch falling, sounded like a tree falling down.”

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He says that the wood has had several reports of hauntings with reports from witnesses of seeing a ‘Woman in White’ who roams the woodland looking lost in thought, as well as other reported hauntings in the woods.

Said Mr Sinclair: “I went out with the intention of contacting the alleged woman in white until things turned negative, with negative responses coming through the device. Almost as though something was talking to me directly.

He added: “I honestly believe a spirit was in direct contact with me, communicating via the Ovilus device.

“The device detects environmental readings and turns the readings into language. This is said to be a spirit communicating.

“I believe everyone in Sheffield needs to see this footage. This is the best potential evidence of the paranormal I've captured in a long time.”

“I have no explanation for what happened or what I witnessed.”