VIDEO: 'Frightening' moment mobility scooter filmed in FAST LANE of Doncaster 40mph dual carriageway

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This is the 'frightening' moment a mobility scooter was filmed inches from fast-moving cars in the fast lane of one of Doncaster's busiest roads at rush hour.

The clip shows the covered scooter trundling along Bawtry Road towards Doncaster town centre while cars are seen just inches away at rush hour yesterday morning.

The mobility scooter was filmed on Bawtry Road at rush hour yesterday morning. (Photo: Steven Barker).

The mobility scooter was filmed on Bawtry Road at rush hour yesterday morning. (Photo: Steven Barker).

Now the man who filmed the footage is keen to track down the elderly gentleman shown in the scooter to warn of the dangers of travelling on roads and not footpaths.

Steven Barker said: "It is extremely alarming.

"I have seen footpaths blocked by parked cars and bins so I could see why a mobility user would want to use the road, but this video is frightening.

"I dread to think what could have happened here."

The footage was filmed yesterday at about 9am near the former Doncaster Rovers' Belle Vue ground.

The road, which is a dual carriageway both in and out of Doncaster, is one of the busiest in the town with thousands of vehicles a day using the stretch of road which leads to the notoriously busy Racecourse Roundabout.

The 40mph section has wide footpaths and cycle lanes on either side of the road.

Added Mr Barker: "It is not the first time that i have witnessed such irresponsibility.

"Surely the people that sell mobility scooters must have a duty of care to ensure that the buyer is a competent adult and capable of using these machines responsibly without endangering their own lives or the lives of others.

"I have witnessed people driving on the road on a mobility scooter on 60mph roads in Askern and on dual carriageways in and around Doncaster.

"I really think that mobility scooter users need to be able to identify what danger they could be in.

"Each time I have seen these users on the roads, i have checked to see if the local authority have dropped kerbs in place, so these users have no excuse for using the road as they would a car!

"I hope the gent in this video can be found, or at least his family talk some sense into him. It is a subject that needs raising for public awareness."