VIDEO: Protest 'against M62 police shooting' closes road in West Yorkshire

A group of men apparently protesting against the shooting of a man on the M62 in West Yorkshire have led to a road being closed tonight.

The incident, which is ongoing right now, has seen a 'small group of men' protesting and waving placards in Leeds Road, Bradford, apparently in response to the shooting of Mohammed Yasser Yaqub.

The 28-year-old father of two was shot and killed on the M62 on Monday in a 'pre-planned operation'.

Tonight, the news broke that a suspected firearm has been found in the car which was being driven by the man who police shot and killed.

Five people have been arrested and an IPCC investigation has been opened, which is standard procedure relating to a police shooting.

Leeds Road is closed due to the protest.

Protest closes road

Protest closes road

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed the incident is legitimate and is taking place right now.

VIDEO - Watch the video of the protest, sent in by reader James Tinsley. Warning: this video may contain some objectionable language.

UPDATE: Police say they understand 'heightened tensions' around the shooting and have appealed for calm.

The statement in full from West Yorkshire Police: "A spontaneous protest commenced in Bradford around 7.15pm this evening (Tuesday January 3) with protestors using Shipley Airedale Road, Leeds Road, Wakefield Road and surrounding routes. 

"Officers from West Yorkshire Police deployed to the area to facilitate a peaceful protest and to provide public reassurance.  

"Police empathise with the heightened tensions and engaged with protestors to appeal for calm. They are continuing working with members of the community, partners and local officers to maintain community cohesion and police relations. 

"Crowds are starting to disperse and traffic is now passing with minimal disruption. 

"There was minimal disorder, which quickly de-escalated after dialogue with officers at the scene and there was no necessity to make any arrests. 

"Officers will remain in the area to provide a visible presence and to offer reassurance to members of the public."

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