Watch as motorists face morning delays on M621 and M1 heading into Leeds

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Thousands of motorists were left frustrated this morning after long delays and tailbacks formed on the M621 heading into Leeds.

Delays of up to 45 minutes were reported by some motorists during the morning rush, leaving some commuters late for work.

The scene on the M621 this morning. PIC: Alex Evans

The scene on the M621 this morning. PIC: Alex Evans

As this dashcam footage shows, traffic was crawling around the junction for Stourton, while drivers leaving the M1 heading towards Leeds to join the M62 were also facing delays.

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It is thought that the extreme weather, the closure of Bridgewater Place in the city centre and unsteady driving conditions on the M62 were to blame, with the accumulative affect being extra traffic on the way in to Leeds, creating delays.

Storm Gareth swept through the region this morning, bringing with it extremely strong winds and bursts of heavy rain, making driving conditions difficult.

Bridgewater Place has since re-opened, except to high sided vehicles. It is expected to fully re-open at around 6pm.

All delays on the M621 and M62 have now cleared.

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