Weather: Yorkshire set to bask in glorious weekend sunshine

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There is good news for the sun-worshiping folk of Yorkshire.

A balmy beginning to the weekend is in store as the mini-heatwave continues to provide high temperatures and glorious sunshine to the city.

More warm weather predicted for Yorkshire'PIC: Danny Lawson

More warm weather predicted for Yorkshire'PIC: Danny Lawson

Thursday was the hottest April day for nearly 70 years, with the mercury soaring to 29.1C (84F) in St James' Park in London.

Today's highs are likely to be around 19C in Yorkshire, the Met Office said, with most parts of the country enjoying warmer conditions than normal for the time of year.

"It's going to be pretty hot again tomorrow, with a lot of sunshine around," said meteorologist Alex Burkill.

"We will see highs of 26C, 27C and maybe 28C in the London area. Low 20s are likely for much of England and Wales, while Northern Ireland and eastern Scotland will see temperatures in the high teens."

More warm weather predicted for Yorkshrie'PIC: Danny Lawson

More warm weather predicted for Yorkshrie'PIC: Danny Lawson

All four home nations enjoyed their hottest day of the year so far, with everywhere seeing a high of at least 20C (68F) on Thursday.

The hot weather, which is a result of warm air moving up from the Azores in the south, is set to last into the weekend.

However, experts at The Weather Channel are warning that the mercury could drop to -2C is some places by the middle of next week, causing air frosts that are a complete contradiction to this week's tropical temperatures.

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Sunny spells will still be possible throughout Sunday in particular with Sunday's temperature for the London Marathon predicted to top 22C.

A spokesperson for The Weather Channel said: “As the high begins to retreat over the weekend, low pressure will push in once more over the UK on Saturday bringing cooler temperatures and a return to unsettled conditions during the weekend.”

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