What would happen if a nuclear bomb was dropped on each area of Yorkshire?

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AN interactive map has been released that shows the devastating effect that a nuclear bomb could have on Yorkshire.

The terrifying simulator, available on website Outrider.org, the nuclear disarmament campaign group, shows the extent of the fireball, shock wave, heat and radiation that would be caused by a variety of nuclear detonations.

The nuclear tolls

The nuclear tolls

Outrider.org shows what would happen if a nuclear bomb was dropped on a specified area.

Users can choose to simulate four different types of nuclear bombs as well as their blast type on a location of their choice.

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The blast types

The blast types are air burst and surface. A surface blast is when the bomb detonates on the ground. This affects a smaller geographic area but leaves much more radiation in the area.

Air burst is when the bomb is detonated over an area. Air burst leaves less nuclear fallout but its radial extent is significantly larger, which is likely to lead to more casualties.

Outrider’s app is based on NUKEMAP, created by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of nuclear weapons.

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The Tsar Bomba is the largest bomb that has ever been tested by Russia, a bumper 50,000KT.

If dropped onto Leeds, this would wipe out an area of 30.9 square miles, with a fireball of 43 miles and a shockwave of 345 miles. The heat would be felt a staggering 3,200 sq miles away.

The death toll would be 1,409,539, with another 1,433,531 injured.


If dropped onto Sheffield, the death toll would be 1,004,037, with another 1.8million injured. The shockwave would be 522 miles with a 25 mile fireball/


If this same bomb was dropped onto York, the death toll would be 308,254, with another 1million injured and an 11.9 mile radiation wave.


In Scarborough, the fatalities would be 95,264 with 113,904 injured.


In Hull, the fatalities would be 455,767 dead and another 315,000 injured.

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Why do we need to know this?

Of course, the likeliness of this happening is exceedingly low. So why does the site exist at all?

The Outrider site exists to spread awareness of the dangers of nuclear armaments.

As the site states: "In the early 1980s, the grassroots Nuclear Freeze Movement opposed the Reagan administration’s proposal for a massive buildup of nuclear weapons. The movement’s pressure helped push Reagan to begin arms limitations negotiations with the Soviet Union.

"Today, groups like Global Zero and ICAN are building new grassroots movements and activating the international community to work together and create change.

"In 2017, ICAN won the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in advocating for the United Nations Nuclear Ban Treaty.

"Regular citizens are the heart of their efforts, and the more people participate, the stronger and louder the movement will be.

"Think about getting involved as a volunteer, or consider donating money."