Why Leeds could be at risk of flash flooding as summer storms roll in

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Leeds City Council has issued a warning to raise awareness of what to do in the event of flash flooding ahead of the predicted upcoming summer storms

The council say that due to the ongoing heatwave in the UK, hardened ground can become increasingly vulnerable to the impact of sudden summer storms.

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At the other end of the scale, areas of Leeds were badly hit by devastation caused by the impact of Storm Eva at Christmas 2015, when high levels of rainfall fell on already saturated land which then led into rivers causing unprecedented flood levels in the city.

In order to help residents, businesses and communities to ensure they are prepared for any future flooding threats, the council has updated its sandbag policy and flood guidance.

The policy explains that during a flood event, the council cannot commit to making sandbags available for homes or commercial premises.

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The reason for this is that in the event of a flood threat, resources including sandbags must be focused and prioritised in the following areas:

- Working with emergency services;

- Keeping roads open (on a prioritised basis)

- protecting vital services (Eg. hospitals, care homes and schools)

- protecting other critical local infrastructure (Eg Buildings, services, access routes and other physical assets that could impact on public health, safety, security or economic stability of the area)

- Supporting established community flood groups – for distribution by them to the wider community (this activity will only be carried out where council resources are available following the prioritisation of the above areas)

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Leeds City Council working with the Environment Agency is calling on all residents and business to consider how flood-prepared they are and what steps they can take themselves to improve their awareness and prevention levels.

Leader of Leeds City Council Councillor Judith Blake said: “In the middle of a heatwave it may be odd to talking about flooding, but no-one in Leeds who experienced the power of nature at Christmas 2015 will underestimate the threat posed by flooding to our city and communities.

“At the time in 2015 there was understandably some confusion around in particular sandbags and where people could get them from, so hopefully this guidance will make that clear and understandable along with how our residents and businesses can best prepare themselves for the next time we face a flooding threat of any kind.”