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Piglets Adventure Farm
Piglets Adventure Farm

From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

On April 10, I took my wife, two daughters and two grandchildren, aged six and eight to the Piglets Adventure Farm, near Towthorpe, York.

We stayed from 10.40am until 4.15pm and had a wonderful day of fun and joy.

The weather was dry and warm, it was easy to find and park, and the admission fee was very reasonable as it was an “all inclusive charge.”

All the staff were happy, smart, polite and very helpful. All the food and drink was nice, fairly priced and well served and fresh.

The children loved the space, huge variety of activities, especially the pedal go-karts, the bouncy hills, the tractor ride to the “soft” play area, the high steep red slide, the obstacle course, the animal “petting area”, the pig maternity enclosure, the egg search, the lamb feeding, and the in-house show with “Farmer Geoffrey” and his unwilling “helper”, Meghan, and the sing-a-longs.

The place was clean, safe (no health and safety fun dampeners), very spacious, well thought out and well managed.

It was a real pleasure for all six of us all the time, even with a very large school party there all day.

Everyone seemed happy, content and well behaved.

It all added up to a brilliant day.