Woman teacher ‘shot in the back by pupil’ at Dales school

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A POLICE investigation is under way after claims that a teacher was shot in the

back by a pupil at a Yorkshire school.

The incident is alleged to have happened last Friday as students were

leaving at the end of the day.

It is believed the female teacher involved was not badly hurt by the air rifle

shot and that the student who fired it has been identified.

A witness to the incident said they were concerned the incident was

being “brushed under the carpet” by the Wensleydale School in


He said: The teacher was walking out of the school when the lad shot her with

an air rifle. It hit her in the back but it nearly hit a six-year-old girl

standing next to her. He did it on purpose  I think hes just a bit of an


The police are involved, but nothing seems to be happening and it feels like

everything is being brushed under the carpet by the school. Ive never heard of

anything like this happening before at the school.

The Wensleydale School caters for about 500 children aged between 11 and 18,

and draws most of its pupils from the rural areas of Richmondshire.

No one at the school has commented, but a North Yorkshire County Council

spokeswoman, speaking on behalf of the school, said: There was an incident at

The Wensleydale School last Friday.

Because the police are involved and there is also an on going internal

disciplinary process with the student, there is nothing more that we can say at

this stage.

North Yorkshire Police confirmed that the incident occurred and that a

complaint had been made, but said no further comment could be made while

officers carry out inquiries.