Yorkshire cyclist wins damages after serious road accident

Mr Fisher sustained a broken collarbone after he was knocked from his bicycle on the A628 Pontefract road in February last year.
Mr Fisher sustained a broken collarbone after he was knocked from his bicycle on the A628 Pontefract road in February last year.
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A Pontefract cyclist who was run off the road by a passing car has received an out of court settlement of almost £13,500.

Jack Fisher (67), was cycling on the A628 Pontefract road in January last year when he was hit by a car and forced off the road.

The accident left him with a string of injuries which included a broken collarbone. He needed surgery to fit a metal plate and was left facing several months of physiotherapy.

Mr Fisher received support from Pontefract-based Heptonstalls Solicitors to raise an injuries and losses case – which included recompense for the loss of his bicycle – against the driver.

His settlement comes amid mounting concern for the safety of cyclists on Yorkshire’s roads.

Interest in cycling has been rising over the past five years, fuelled by high profile events like the Tour de France Grand Depart in 2015 and the Tour de Yorkshire.

The arrival of better weather and the countdown to the clocks changing is also set to see growing numbers of cyclists take to the roads on their bikes, raising the risk of further accidents.

The prospect of more cyclists on Yorkshire roads has sparked calls for motorists to take particular care and to be aware of the potentially devastating consequences of a moment’s distraction or failing to give cyclists ample room.

Mr Fisher said the recent accident could have been even worse if he had not been wearing his helmet. “I was riding my bicycle towards Ackworth when a passing car hit me side-on and into the kerb,” he said.

“I was flipped in the air and landed on my shoulder and back of my head. I suffered a broken clavicle, badly bruised my hip and leg.

“If I had not been wearing a helmet, things could have been far worse.”

Mr Fisher underwent surgery soon after, however the implications of the accident lasted many months. He added: “I had an operation to have a plate fitted, followed by many months of physiotherapy before the plate was removed in August last year.

“Throughout this time my wife had to care for me l also had to rely on other family members to help with day to day things.

“l am now just getting back to normal.”

According to the most recent figures available from the Department for Transport, an estimated 2.4 million people cycle regularly each year, and there are almost 3700 serious accidents involving cyclists.

The number of serious accidents has grown over the past decade, while it’s thought many more ‘near misses’ and less serious incidents are never reported.

Casey Stillman, personal injury specialist at Heptonstalls, said: “More and more people are choosing to cycle as our roads become increasingly congested with vehicles.

“Cyclists are vulnerable road users and accidents can cause serious and sometimes life changing injuries.

“Mr Fisher was unfortunate to join the thousands of seriously injured cyclists on our roads each year but we were happy to be able to support him in successfully bringing a case for the injuries he sustained.”

Heptonstalls secured an out of court settlement in February and Mr Fisher was awarded £13,431.

Mr Fisher said: “I am very grateful to Heptonstalls solicitors for everything they have done for me, especially the support from Casey Stillman, and I am happy with the outcome of my case.”

If you have been injured in an accident involving a car, van, bus or even as a result of poor cycle lanes or potholes in the road, you may be entitled to make a claim. Get in touch with Heptonstalls’ personal injury specialists to find out more. Call 0800 917 8267 or visit www.heptonstalls.co.uk/injury