Yorkshire weather: This is when rain is set to hit Yorkshire again

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Yorkshire is set to brace itself for almost a full day of rain over the coming week.

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This is when it's set to rain in Yorkshire

This is when it's set to rain in Yorkshire

Experts at the Met Office are predicting almost a full day of rain tomorrow (Monday).

The showers are set to begin at 9am and carry on until 8pm, with only a few short breaks throughout the day.

Highs are forecast to get to 19C, meaning it won't be too cold, but the constant rain and overhead cloud will make Monday a gloomy day.

There's not much rain forecast for the rest of the week.

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Tuesday will remain cloudy and overcast with highs of 17C but is set to be dry throughout.

Sunny spells could return on Wednesday with highs of 18C predicted, but it is set to be cloudy again for the majority of the day.

On to Thursday and we could be hit by showers in the late morning, but the overall feel of the day will be cloudy and overcast again with highs of 16C on the cards.

Highs of 16C are predicted again for Friday with more cloud overhead, but there's little chance of rain.