YouTube star demolishes Doncaster cafe’s £15 belly-busting breakfast in just 12 minutes 

A YouTube star has set a new record – after demolishing a Doncaster cafe’s whopping £15 belly-busting breakfast in just over TWELVE MINUTES. 

Internet star Adam Moran, better known as Beard Meets Food, scoffed down the full English breakfast – with a staggering eight sausages, eight rashers of bacon, eight eggs, eight hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes and eight slices of toast and a mug of tea or coffee in an incredible 12 minutes and 47 seconds – smashing the record at Shepherd Place Farm by a whopping 15 minutes.

Beard Meets Food smashed the breakfast in just over 12 minutes.

Beard Meets Food smashed the breakfast in just over 12 minutes.

The Terminator 2 breakfast has been defeating diners since it was introduced at the cafe in Graizelound earlier this year – but the star, who holds a string of competitive eating records, made quick work of the massive fry-up.

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Cafe owner Ted Phillips said: ”Wow – he’s some eating machine.

“It was unreal – I’ve never in my life seen food disappear so fast!”

Adam, who holds the British record for Big Macs eaten – he scoffed down 17 in an hour – also finished off his meal with a huge three scoop ice cream.

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It was the latest in a long ling of challenges for Beard Meets Food who films his eating challenges for his YouTube channel.

He won the 2015 Yorkshire Pudding Eating World Championships in North Yorkshire and also set a world record for most McDonald's chicken nuggets eaten in one sitting.

From Leeds, the qualified personal trainer says that competitive eating together with two hours' weight training per day has improved his body fat ratio over five years.

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Prior to his visit, the record had stood at 27 minutes – and scores of diners taking on the challenge have been defeated by the mammoth breakfast.

People have come from all over northern England to take on the £15 mammoth meal which was introduced after customers managed to munch their way through an earlier incarnation, the Terminator, which is half the size of its bigger, better brother and costs £7.50.