YouTube star in bid to eat 30 pancakes and waffles in 30 MINUTES at Sheffield cafe

Kyle Gibson is taking on the pancake challenge at The Cabin.
Kyle Gibson is taking on the pancake challenge at The Cabin.

A competitive eater who has become a YouTube star is coming to Sheffield – with the aim of scoffing a belly-busting 30 pancakes and waffles in just thirty minutes.

Kyle Gibson, 20, will travel all the way from Houghton, near Sunderland to take on the epic challenge at The Cabin in Fitzwilliam Gate.

To claim success, Kyle will have to polish off 24 pancakes and six waffles, plus toppings, in only 30 minutes.

He said: "It has never been attempted before."

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But eating challenges are nothing new for Kyle who recently became the first person to complete a monster fish and chip shop challenge.

He took on the mammoth "Queeny Special" at Queen Street Fisheries, Morley - and finished the meal with time to spare. 

Contestants are allowed 45 minutes to see off the monster meal, which costs £15 and includes a 32oz serving of battered fish, five portions of chips, six onion rings, two bread buns and two sides - which in Kyle's case, were gravy and beans.

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Kyle, who works full-time in the kitchen at The Wild Boar pub in Houghton, said: "I love travelling and attempting big food challenges so when I heard about this challenge I really wanted to give it a try.

If diners finish the plate within the 45 minutes, the meal is free. Kyle finished with around 15 minutes to spare - and even had time to eat the scraps.

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Kyle posts videos of his adventures on his YouTube channel, Kyle V Food which you can visit HERE

He has also taken on fried chicken, barbecue and roast dinner challenges, and has more than 300 followers on YouTube. 

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