YP Letters: Taxis should be banned from Leeds station entrance

Leeds Station
Leeds Station
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From: Andy Reilly, Rock Lane, Leeds.

Is it time that we should be considering trying to improve the ridiculous vehicle access to the Leeds railway station?

Every time that I go to collect someone from the station, it doesn’t seem to matter what time of day it is, you queue to get into the car park. A lot of the hold-up is caused by private hire taxis stopping two abreast in the drop-off zone. Some are even sitting there waiting for their next fare.

When you get into the car park, which is small anyway, you find that a large percentage of spaces are taken by private hire taxis waiting for pick-ups.

Nobody gains by the taxis using it, because none of the 
taxi drivers ever pay for the parking.

I would like to see private hire taxis being banned from using this entrance altogether.

They should be made to use the New Station Street entrance where the black and white cabs sit.

It wouldn’t have any impact on their livelihoods because private hire have already been booked.

Going back to the public parking situation, because of the queues often going back as far as Thirsk Row and even further, you find that this has a knock- on effect to traffic on Whitehall Road coming in to the centre.

I would like to know what other readers think.