Lay of land on farmers’ plight

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From: Charles Taylor, Hemingfield, Barnsley.

I WAS fascinated to read (Yorkshire Post, November 1) that the latest threat to our beautiful countryside comes from the increasingly difficult endeavour of our farmers to make a living.

Good to know, however, that various consultation bodies are being set up (no doubt at great cost) to curb their ambitions.

Let’s face it, if farm buildings get any bigger, we shall hardly be able to see the wind turbines.

Root of problem

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

IT appears that the Government knew about the danger to ash trees from imported fungi some four years ago but did nothing to counteract the spread of the disease. The advantage of being a group of islands used to be a certain immunity from disease, now that is destroyed.

Cash not cuts

From: Daniel Celardi, Edward Street, Sheffield.

The scrapping of EMA for college students and the dismantling of the welfare state shows how this government is attempting 
to reverse the meritocratic principles working people have fought hard for. We need to stop cutting our way out of this crisis and invest in job creation and public services.

Please take note

From: Michael J Robinson, Huddersfield.

YOUR photograph (Yorkshire Post, November 2) referred to conductor Owain Arwel Hughes leading the Hallé Orchestra in Dewsbury Town Hall. The one you printed was of Owain in Huddersfield Town Hall with members of the Huddersfield Choral Society.