Learning from our ancestors

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From: Mr V Platt, Hereford Road, Harrogate.

LOOKING up the word “new” in the dictionary for an answer in a crossword I came across this interesting passage: “new order – a scheme for the organisation and government of Europe devised by Adolf Hitler; it’s principal basis being the hegemony of the German nation”.

“Hegemony – leadership predominance applied to the relation of one state to another or to a confederation” (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher, 1770-1831). Hitler called it his New Order. Today we call it the EU.

It’s amazing how history repeats itself. Even more amazing is why the idiots that govern us never learn anything from past mistakes by their ancestors.

Shot in the rear

From: JR Ellwood, North Duffield, Selby.

WITH reference to the coverage of the war horses of 1914-1918, I am reminded of the days when I left school in the 1960s.

I spent long days hoeing sugar beet beside a gentleman named Edwin who had been a horseman in the Artillery.

He spent some time in a field hospital with an injury to his posterior and joked that “it was a bad soldier who got wounded in the backside”.

How I wish I’d had a tape recorder for those stories.

One of his statements was “We killed more of our own infantrymen than we ever did Germans.” I really hope this was not the case.

Slip of the land

From: JM Turner, Knipe Point Drive, Osgodby, Scarborough.

WITH reference to the article regarding Knipe Point Estate (Yorkshire Post, February 18) and Keith Jowett’s subsequent letter (February 28), I have to correct him on one assumption.

Your article did incorrectly mention erosion in the headline but the problems we have encountered are due to landslip which is a totally different matter.