Leeds Bradford Airport fire crews on standby as flight returns soon after take off

AN EASTERN Airways flight carrying 37 passengers and crew returned to Leeds Bradford Airport shortly after take off this morning following a technical problem.


A spokesman for the company said the flight heading to Southampton, which was airborne at 10.07am, returned to Leeds Bradford Airport just after 10.30am.

The Eastern Airways spokesman said: “The captain operating this morning’s T3 4702 flight from Leeds Bradford to Southampton made a precautionary return to Leeds Bradford, after receiving an abnormal performance indication relating to the right hand engine. The engine was not shutdown in flight.

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“The Saab 2000 with 33 passengers and four crew on board landed safely in Leeds Bradford at 10.35am.

“The airport fire service was initially put on standby, but was stood down on arrival.

“Our engineers will be carrying out an inspection of the aircraft.

“Passengers are being transferred onto another aircraft to take them to their destination.

“We apologise to passengers for the inconvenience, but the safety of our passengers and crew is our primary concern.”