Leeds: Brownlees's brotherly love is voted a top '˜winning moment' of 2016

It was the heartwarming moment of selflessness and sibling solidarity that had us all bawling.

Leeds's own Alistair Brownlee, left, helps his brother Jonny to get to the finish line during the Triathlon World Series event in Cozumel, Mexico, Sunday Sept. 18, 2016 (Photo: Delly Carr via AP)

And now, Leeds’s own Alistair Brownlee helping his brother Jonny across the Triathlon World Series finishing line - sacrificing his own first place position - has been named one of the country’s ‘winning moments’ of 2016.

The Horsforth sporting duo took the fifth overall spot in a national survey by GalaBingo.com.

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Topping the list was Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph, followed by Leicester City’s Premier League victory, the Queen’s 90th birthday milestone and the moment a baby iguana escaped the snakes in the BBC’s Planet Earth 2 series.

Karina Adrian, from GalaBingo.com, said that in a year generally considered to be one of the most depressing in recent history, “we thought it would be fun to highlight some of the better moments of 2016”.

“Let’s continue to approach 2017 with positivity, and really relish those occasions that having us jumping for joy,” she added.