Leeds cat cafe Kitty Cafe to host singles night for feline-loving daters

Kitty Cafe in Leeds is now holding singles nights in the hope of match-making cat lovers.

The Kirkgate feline haven has already hosted its first dating night - which was such a success that most of those attending paired off at the end of the evening.

Kitty Cafe welcomes 50,000 visitors in its first five monthsYou don't have to be a cat owner to sign up - although a love of kitties is preferable.

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Kitty Cafe opens in Leeds"We've been trying out different evening activities at Kitty Cafe and customers suggested a singles night because going to the cafe is already such a great way to meet people," said owner Kate Charles-Richards.

"We held the first one recently and it went really well - lots of people hit it off and there were a few romances. The majority of people managed to find someone and a group of couples went for a drink afterwards.

"There were a few more ladies than men but there was a good mix and a diverse age range. Men cottoned on to the fact that there would be lots of ladies there and they did very well - I think every man left with a phone number! Everyone was a genuine cat lover.

"It was like Love Island! Interacting with the cats is a great icebreaker."

There has already been a large amount of interest in the next singles night, which is due to be held on September 21 from 6pm onwards. Capacity is capped at 60, with staff hoping for a 30:30 ratio of men and women.

"It's not speed dating - you are randomly allocated a table but it is very casual and you are free to move around."

The success of the concept has even prompted Kate to apply for a civil marriage licence for the cat cafe, and they are currently in discussions with a couple to host a wedding in 2019.

Other evening events at Kitty Cafe, including adults-only nights and a board games evening, have also proved popular, and there are plans to introduce a meditation morning.

Anyone wishing to attend the singles night should email [email protected] with their name, age and gender. Normal entry fees apply and food and drink will be served.

"I would say to anyone thinking of coming not to be shy - there are always the cats to play with! Just come down and give it a go."

Kitty Cafe, which opened in December 2017, is home to around 35 rescue cats who are all available for adoption. They interact with customers in the dining area but also have separate accommodation in the back of the building.