Leeds Cat Rescue centre explains why mum of kittens had to be put down

A Leeds cat rescue charity has broken the tragic news that a rescue cat had to be put down due to being seriously poorly.

Bella's kittens are in rude health and doing very well, Leeds Cat Rescue said

Bella, a critically ill mum at the rescue centre, had to be put down after a mass in her abdomen was found to be an aggressive cancerous tumour.

There was no treatment available and Bella was put down on the advice of a vet.

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A spokesman for the centre said: "We're very sad to have to tell you all that Bella, our critically ill mum was put to sleep today after the mass in her abdomen was found to be an aggressive, necrotic, cancerous tumor which there was simply no treatment for.

"Bella had perked up significantly and was comfortable and had lots of cuddles at the vets but we chose not to wake her up from her anaesthetic.

"A very sad day but she is now at peace which was the last thing we could do for her.

"On a happier note, her kittens pictured are doing well and the kitten that came in with her from her previous litter was neutered yesterday and went home with one of our vets who fell in love with him and adopted him."

A spokesman for the non-profit rescue centre told the Yorkshire Evening Post that the centre has a 'no kill policy' and that rescue cats are never put to sleep unless a vet decides that it's in the cat's best interests for health reasons, as happened with Bella.

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