The Leeds festival which places art projects in unconventional locations

A bi-annual festival which places art projects in unconventional locations is underway.

Compass Festival, Leeds. Artist Scottee pictured with the WLTM Boards on St Peters Mount, Leeds.17th November 2018 ..Picture by Simon Hulme

Every two years, The Compass Art Festival takes place across Leeds and this year the venues include a pub, Leeds Town Hall, the bus station and a residential street in Bramley.

It opened on Friday night and organisers say the programme of events that took place over the weekend were a success.

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Annie Lloyd, co-director, said: “We have lived with the projects and built and nurtured them and when you show them to the public you get excited and nervous because they are original and experimental. We are dead chuffed so far. The launch night was fantastic and the projects so far have been really well attended.”

One of the highlights of this year’s programme is ‘Would Like To Meet’ from award-winning artist, Scottee. He was inspired to get neighbours talking to each other moving to a terraced house after 30 years of living on a council estate left him feeling isolated.

Each household taking part has an estate agency style board outside with a note about who they want to meet - whether it be fellow dog lovers, gin drinkers or university students.

Ms Lloyd added: “They have already started to have an effect and people are talking to each other across the street.

“We are not claiming we are changing the world and it is very much an experiment but it has got people talking so we are very pleased.”

Other events include Four Legs Good a contemporary revival of the medieval animal trials which took place in Britain and Europe, a boat ride down the River Aire, to the story of your body’s afterlife and concrete evidence of handshakes. The festival runs until Sunday.