Leeds mosque opens doors for play about dementia

Brian Daniels.
Brian Daniels.
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A Leeds mosque is to open its doors to the public for a play about dementia.

The performance of award-winning Leeds playwright Brian Daniels’ Don’t Leave Me Now will take place at the Baab ul Ilm Centre on Shadwell Lane this Sunday as part of the Visit My Mosque scheme.

Fabian Hamilton, Leeds North East MP, is also due to host a discussion following the play, which focuses on early onset dementia.

Rasool Bhamani, leading Leeds supporter of the Interfaith organisation who was a driving force in bringing the play to the mosque, said: “Dementia is a condition that does not discriminate.

“Regardless of creed, race and ethnicity dementia is a condition that affects each and everyone of us.

“The aim of the day is for us as brothers and sisters to come together and explore the impact that dementia can have on ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

“It is an opportunity for us to learn and understand more about a condition which affects us all.”

The player is directed by Jenni Draper and the cast includes Mr Daniels, Annie Sawle, Keeley Lane, Martina McClements and Julie Higginson.

Fabian Hamilton MP is due to introduce the performance and host a discussion afterwards.

Dementia – a degeneration of the brain that causes a progressive decline in people’s ability to think, reason, communicate and remember – is considered ‘young onset’ or ‘early onset’’ when it affects people under 65 years of age.

The nationwide Visit My Mosque event on Sunday encourages mosques to welcome people of all faiths and none.

Mr Hamilton is due to introduce the play at 2pm, before it starts at 2.15pm.