Leeds MP to head up campaigns team

Greg Mulholland to lead Lib Dem campaign team
Greg Mulholland to lead Lib Dem campaign team
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LEEDS North West MP Greg Mulholland is to head up a new Liberal Democrat campaigns team.

Each member of the “parliamentary campaigns team” will pursue one of seven priorities set out by new Lib Dem leader Tim Farron.

Mr Mulholland will chair the team but there is no role for former leader and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg.

Mr Clegg was also not handed a job when Mr Farron recently named the party’s spokespeople to shadow government departments.

But Mr Farron’s rival in the leadership race, Norman Lamb, is included.

The party will pursue campaigns in areas including housing, rural affairs, immigration and the forthcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Mr Farron said: “These are the core issues I want the Liberal Democrats to stand out on and take a lead on.

“Sensible, liberal and evidence-based views are already being woefully ignored by the Tory government - so it’s up to Liberal Democrats to make this case.

“Whether it’s helping young people in rural areas find work, or ensuring those with mental health difficulties have effective support, our liberal voice is needed now more than ever.

“Whether it’s investing in green energy, building the homes we need; understanding the plight of refugees, or ensuring the state can’t snoop on our emails, my party will offer that liberal alternative.

“And with David Cameron’s hokey-cokey diplomacy on Europe, the Liberal Democrats will stand up for our country and make the passionate case for Britain to lead, not leave the EU.”