Leeds nostaliga: Old Millgarth Police Station had army barracks and mortuary on site

Leeds, 16th September 1976: Inspector Henry Ingham is pictured outside the old Millgarth Police Station where he started work in the Leeds Police Force in 1946.


The station was built in one of the roughest areas of the city in the late 1878 for a snip over £5,000. It was then the divisional headquarters.

Unusually, it also contained an army barracks and mortuary. In 1885, the mortuary was condemned by Leeds Medical Officer.

In other news, Percy Shaw, the Yorkshire-born inventor of ‘cat’s eyes’, the road safety device, died aged 86.

He was said to have owned three Rolls Royces and three colours TVs and rumour had it he used to watch them all at the same time with the sound turned down. He invented cat’s eyes road studs in 1934.