Leeds passenger left underwhelmed by £1.04 compensation for cancelled train journey

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A Leeds woman trying to obtain a refund for a cancelled commute was unimpressed to receive a cheque for just £1.04.

Melisa Stevens has a £480 season ticket from Burley Park to Leeds, but was forced to drive to her job at Leeds Building Society when Northern cancelled all trains on her route one morning in December due to signalling problems.

Melisa says no rail replacement buses were provided, meaning she had to pay £6 to park at Trinity Leeds.

She contacted Northern to ask for a reimbursement of her parking costs under the Delay Repay scheme, but was instead sent a cheque that covered only the exact price of the short train journey.

She took to social media to highlight the bizarre situation after receiving compensation of just £1 and four pence.

"I had to drive in, made myself late and then obviously pay for parking in the city centre. All I asked was if my parking could be refunded. I attached my receipt with the time I entered the car park and the time I left - causing no issue of dispute as it was printed by the car park.

"I've paid £480 for a season ticket. £1.04 in compensation? Genuinely laughable. It's not even worth cashing in. I'd get laughed out of the bank."

Northern responded to say that the amount offered was the cost of the season ticket divided by the 464 days she would normally be expected to use it for return travel.

"Unfortunately we are not able to refund parking or alternative transport costs. The compensation awarded is as per the breakdown of a season ticket."

Melisa has now decided not to renew her season ticket.