Lessons in a harsh reality

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From: Neil Richardson, Kirkheaton, Huddersfield.

A PRODUCT of the reductionist education system he is trying to advance, Sir Michael Wilshaw (Yorkshire Post, November 28) condenses the solution into just one word: leadership.

Now, it doesn’t require much savvy to respond with two words; how about, teachers’ workloads, dull curriculum, parents’ values or school discipline?

Equally important, Ofsted’s investigation should go beyond clichés and engineer some modest improvement into participants’ working lives. Even in the season of goodwill, this could be quite a challenge.

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

I GOT a Grade B in O-level Maths back in 1978. And I agree that knowing how to calculate figures is important. However I don’t support Prof David Burghes who wants youngsters to learn about algebra at an early age (Yorkshire Post, December 3).

I admit I struggled with the concept, but I’ve never regretted that I didn’t have a great comprehension of such abstract equations as 2x equals 3y.

Indeed I would say that for many people who question the relevance of what they learn in school, algebra would be near the top of any “what’s the point?” list.

Blazing mad

From: Graham Branston, Rawdon, Leeds.

AT the same time as Yorkshire’s fire and rescue services face difficult decisions as a consequence of budget cuts, they have also been pumping water out of flooded properties and rescuing stranded residents.

They also provide another vital service if there is a major road accident, rescue pets and, most importantly, save lives when there is a serious fire.

The extent of cuts to this emergency service is a disgrace that could ultimately cost lives.

Baby maybe?

From: Peter R Bye, Park Crescent, Addingham, Ilkley.

WOULD anyone like to speculate what item will dominate every news programme for the next seven months?