Let’s address the thorny issue of Humberside

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From: John Jepson, The Mount, Driffield.

THERE is quite a simple reason why the name “Humberside” can still be found in the titles of our local police and fire services, and this may have escaped Messrs Hyde and Scargill (The Yorkshire Post, August 16).

The Humber is indeed a river, and consequently has, in common with most other rivers, two banks or “sides”. Police and Fire and Rescue Services are provided in areas on both banks, so the name is really quite a suitable one, isn’t it?

It appears that both these gentlemen think that the name of a thing is more important than the thing itself; I believe a popular playwright, now deceased, may have raised the issue in one of the plays what he wrote, and the point is still valid.

If Mr Scargill doesn’t want letters addressed to him in North Humberside, why doesn’t he simply tell his numerous correspondents that his address is “Kilham” followed by the postcode?

There is no need to add the name of any shire, wapentake 
or hundred, but writing to the Post Office would not have elicited this useful tip since postal addresses are the 
preserve of Royal Mail, which was recently siphoned off and part-privatised.

I bet that went down a storm in YO25.