Let’s elect our own assembly

Have your say

From: Craig Harrison, York Road, Leeds.

ROSIE Winterton puts the blame on the coalition Government for the regional variances in spending on transport.

She is aware I am sure that exactly the same criticism was levelled at the last Labour government when a report by the Institution of Civil Engineers highlighted the same sort of disparities three years ago.

I think therein lies the problem; we don’t want this issue batted back and forth between the parties. We would like politicians to get round a table and deliver what is best for Yorkshire. Like Tom Richmond (Yorkshire Post, December 17), I, too, think that perhaps a directly- elected assembly doesn’t look like a bad idea.

Stable approach

From: Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

NICK Clegg says, and I quote: “Government should not interfere in people’s private lives.”

Is this a new libertarian Liberal Democrat party? The same party which insisted we cannot smoke in our pubs and clubs. The same party which tells us who to employ, what to pay them, how much holiday they should get and what pension arrangements.

Is this the Lib Dem party which supports the new health Fascist legislation? Or is it just because marriage works? Stable children from stable families don’t stab ticket collectors.

Logic in doubt

From: Liz Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold.

BRITAIN is giving £14.6m to build 12 new schools for refugee children in Gaza, but meanwhile the Yorkshire Post has a Christmas Appeal in aid of ABF Soldiers Charity to provide lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers. The charity needs £14m by 2015 and yet the Government hands out more to overseas aid. I just do not understand the logic or justification on how our money is spent.