Letter: Huge benefits from the EU

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I feel I must respond to the negative and very insular comments put forward by readers in recent weeks regarding the EU referendum.

Turkey is not joining the EU. Turkey applied for membership way back in 1987, but so far has only met one of the 37 economical and political criteria needed for entry.

Any of the existing members of the EU (including UK) can veto any further membership applications (including Turkey).

Norway are often cited as the country who trades with the EU without been a member.

However, Norway pays a substantial sum into the EU to enable this trade to take place.

They pay more per head of population to the EU than the UK does.

Norway also has to abide with EU regulations and has to accept EU migrant workers.

EU migrant workers contribute considerably more to the UK exchequer than they claim in benefits.

Leaving the EU will not stop the need for these migrant workers who are much in demand by certain industries.

The EU is the largest single market in the world, half of the UK exports go there. Major investment in the UK by Japanese car manufacturers was primarily to access the EU market.

The EU is not perfect and changes need to be made, but considering we enjoy huge economic benefits, political clout and security, I will be voting remain on June 23.

Richard Byron

Chapmangate, Pocklington