Letter: Stay in the EU - it's good to have friends

EU referendum on June 23
EU referendum on June 23
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I’ll make no bones about it; I want Britain to remain a member of the EU.

The in/out debate has centered largely about the issue of sovereignty.

How sovereign is Britain when we have had foreign troops on our soil ever since the Second World War?

How sovereign is Britain when we need French/Chinese companies to build our power stations?

We might build the submarines but the delivery of our warheads is achieved by American missiles.

How sovereign is it to have the Gulf state of Qatar owning our tallest building (The Shard), the Olympic village and Harrods?

Walk into Sainsbury’s, Qatar is a major investor and also owns 20 per cent of the London Stock Exchange.

Donald Trump, well he owns Turnberry golf venue in Ayrshire so whether we like him or not, he will be coming over on June 24 to reopen his revamped centre.

I am sure that we (Britain or the British) own bits of elsewhere in the world and they all own bits of us.

We are no longer own an empire and we must get used to it and not try to be isolationist, thinking we are better than others.

We are members of lots of communities: EU, UN, NATO, IMF etc. Working together is better than us against the rest.

That’s what is good about being a member of a community – we have friends we can count on.

Trevor Whatmore