Letters September 18: Clarity is needed over the fracking process

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From: N Taylor, Winton Road, Northallerton.

I AM neither for or against this fracking caper. I am, however, rather confused by the process and would be grateful if someone could answer my queries.

Firstly, I cannot figure out, how you drill a bent hole. That is to say, drill thousands of feet vertically and then drill perfectly horizontally for miles before commencing the hydraulic fracturing procedures.

Secondly, from whence are the millions of gallons of water (brought by hundreds of road tankers) required for each fracking operation to come? Is it, perhaps, from the reservoirs of our already depleted supplies of drinking water which we are continually being asked to save?

Thirdly, where are the up to 50 per cent of now chemically contaminated recovered fluids to be dumped? I am given to understand that these are non-biodegradable and highly poisonous to plants and animals.

Finally, if, as the Government so desires, many hundreds of fracking sites are to be established in the north of England, just how are the many hundreds of millions of pure, and thousands of million tonnes of contaminated water going to be dealt with? I have no worries for my own future but am deeply concerned for the health of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.