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From Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

I JUST do not believe it. My lovely wife of 47 years asked me to check up with British Gas to find out why we did not receive a written warranty on repairing and maintaining our central heating and hot water boiler. So, I used the ‘peace of mind’ telephone number left with us on the service engineers check list when last he visited.

No problem with that as it was a 0800 freephone number, but voice messages told me to hold on, ie for 14 minutes.

Eventually a pleasant lady asked for our details. I asked her whence she was talking.

‘South Africa’ she proudly announced, and, after I had to pass a whole of information, including my date of birth from World War Two years, she informed me she would pass me on to the maintenance contract department.

Within a short time, an Asian voice answered. So, maybe rudely, I sought in which country he was based. Thank goodness he was only in Leicester, and he fixed up a promise that our repair contract would be sent off pronto - after my communication tour a quarter of a way around the world!