Libby Squire: Parents speak about missing student's love for the city of Hull

Libby Squire
Libby Squire
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The parents of missing Libby Squire have spoken today about the 21-year-old's wide range of interests.

The University of Hull philosophy student has now been missing for almost a week. She was last seen returning from a nightclub.

Libby Squire.

Libby Squire.

Police quash lipgloss and tool rumours in search for Libby Squire
.Today Lisa and Russ Squire said:

“Our daughter Liberty Anna Squire, who is known as Libby, was born on New Year’s Day in 1998.

“Libby is one of four children. She has two younger sisters and a younger brother who all live in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

“Growing up Libby was a really happy child, and she is extremely close to her family and her siblings. As a child Libby really enjoyed English language, English literature and Latin at school.

“Libby is a very sociable person and she has a really close group of friends stretching back to primary school. She remains close to them even after moving up to Hull to study.

“Libby decided to come Hull University when she fell in love with the city. She accepted an offer at the university before even visiting as she was so sure she would be happy here.

“Libby moved to Hull in September 2017 to study philosophy and has been really happy whilst living in the city. She has found herself a lovely group of friends at the university.

“Outside of family life and her studies Libby really enjoys reading and going to the gym. She is a very sociable person who loves going out and enjoys spending time with her friends.

“She also loves travelling, music and going out to concerts.

“We’d like to thank everyone who has helped this week in trying to find Libby. We have been overwhelmed with people’s kindness and support and it’s been incredible how all her friends, students at the University, and members of the public have joined together to help us look for her.”

Last night, Lisa and Russ Squire were able to meet and speak with Libby’s friends, other students, lecturers and staff at an event at the University of Hull which saw hundreds of people turn out to show their support.

Officers are continuing with the search for Libby which has seen hundreds of people assist police, as well as hundreds of calls coming in with information.

The 21-year-old disappeared last Thursday after a night out in Hull, but was later seen close to her student house on Wellesley Avenue.

Police and fellow University of Hull students have been searching for her ever since.

In a press conference, a senior police officer said that there had been 'speculation' about items including a lipgloss and tools that were photographed near to the scene.

He reiterated that these items were not linked to the investigation, and that rumours relating to a taxi driver cruising the streets near Libby's home were also false and had not been reported to police.

He refused to answer questions about whether Libby had been abducted, but said it was not yet established that she had 'come to harm'.

She was reported missing after getting into a taxi outside the Welly Club on Beverley Road, Hull, at around 11pm on Thursday, and is believed to have got out of the vehicle a short while later near her home address on Wellesley Avenue.

Humberside Police said that she was then helped by a motorist who pulled over after spotting her on the street, with the force adding that the man in question has since contacted them and has "really helped out" with the search.

Libby was last spotted on CCTV on Beverley Road, near to the junction with Haworth Street, at around 11.45pm on Thursday, the force added.