Licensees warned to watch out for underage drinkers

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Pubs, bars and off-licences across West Yorkshire are being urged to be extra vigilant in the run-up to Christmas as police prepare for the start of a major force-wide test purchasing operation.

Over the coming weeks, officers in plain clothes will be accompanying underage volunteers as they try to purchase alcohol from various premises around West Yorkshire.

Anyone caught selling alcohol to the youths by West Yorkshire Police’s licensing officers will be issued with an immediate fine, and the premises involved can expect a follow-up visit at a later date to ensure they have rectified the problem.

The operation is being led by Sgt Rob Fullilove, who is responsible for the Leeds District Licensing Department.

Sgt Fullilove said: “Alcohol is a key factor in crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour, particularly when it involves young people, and we are urging licensees to work with us and be careful during this very busy period.”

Any premises found serving alcohol to those underage twice within a three-month period could be prosecuted.