LISTED: The dodgy work by victims of Yorkshire rogue traders which netted them millions

TWO ruthless company directors used sick and vulnerable pensioners as "meal tickets" in a shocking rogue trading scam which netted them more then TWO MILLION pounds.

Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison and Paul Towers were jailed today after they used heavy-handed tactics to prey on dementia suffers and the blind into handing over cash for sub-standard work.

Leeds Crown Court heard their firm, called Resinways, was the most complained about company to Trading Standards in the whole country for tarmacking and paving.

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Paul Towers

Victims were targeted across the county including:

April 2014 A retired woman in Mirfield was repeatedly ignored after making complaints to Resinways about substandard work to her driveway. She eventually had to have her driveway replaced by a different company for an additional £4,000.

June 2014. A pensioner in Batley paid for an "anti-slip" driveway with a 20-year guarantee. Prosecutor James Lake said: "The driveway was anything but anti-slip. The day after the work was completed she slipped on her driveway. The postman did the same. It was not anti-slip. It was just sales patter by the company to get business."

June 2014 A pensioner, from Yeadon, Leeds, paid £1,700 by cheque but changed his mind withing the cooling off period. The cheque was cashed and he was told a 'gentleman's agreement' to refund the deposit 'would not stand up in court'.

Paul Towers

July 2014. Widow in Wakefield reported cracks in her driveway after it was built in 2012 with a 20-year guarantee. Repeated calls and letters to the company was ignored.

July 2014 A couple in Batley paid £4,300 for an extension to their driveway. Two weeks after the work was completed "dips" appeared in the surface where the car wheels had been. The couple received no response from Resinways despite making 20 phone calls. An expert later concluded the work "was not to the standard of a reasonably competent tradesman."

August 2014. Victim from Baildon paid £600 by cheque for work but changed his mind after having doubts. He travelled to Resinways' premises in Brighouse to hand-over a cancellation slip but the cheque was still cashed.

September 2014 A man in Sheffield paid for an anti-slip driveway after being impressed by the "professionalism" of Resinways.

Around four weeks later his cleaning lady slipped on the drive and broke her ankle. When paramedics arrived they refused to walk on the drive.

The following day a delivery driver slipped on the drive and a sign had to be put up to warn people not to walk on it. The driveway had to be re-done at a cost of £4,800.

September 2014 Couple in Brighouse were victims of aggressive practice when demands were made for payment in full before work was completed. They were told all men would be pulled off the job unless they paid up.

October 2014 A 94-year-old blind man in Brough agreed to pay £4,000 in cash after being contacted by a cold caller. Salesman wrote out paperwork and victim signed it even though he could not read it. A relative later checked the paperwork and the amount had been increased to £4,900. Towers had referred to the man as a "raver" in a text to his salesman.

January 2015. Pensioner in Wyke, Bradford, given assurances of a 25-year guarantee. Victim contacted Citizens Advice Bereau after she became unhappy with the work and was informed of the cooling off peroid.

January 2015. Couple in Gildersome, Leeds signed a £6,000 agreement despite "lacking the capacity" to agree to have expensive work done. The couple were also about to be moved to a care home.