Living the Dream: Hectic run-up to Christmas takes over

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Over the last week or so, with so much going on in the lead-up to Christmas, I’ve been considering amidst our hectic schedule, what Christmas is really all about.

Early in the week, I had to undertake the trek down to Heathrow to pick up our daughter, Olivia, who has been at University in America, for the last six months. As it happens it was the weekend that the snow decided to fall in the south of the country and as you can imagine, it was gridlock.

Many flights were delayed and so as a result I had many hours to while away, whilst awaiting the last transatlantic flight of the day to touch down at Terminal 3, but I’ll tell you what, I didn’t waste my time, no not at all. As I sat in the arrivals lounge I found myself watching so many stories unfold in front of my eyes, as I watched loved ones returning home for Christmas.

I want to mention just a few of the characters I came across whilst I waited for my loved one to return. I watched the father who was nonchalantly leaning against the upright pillar, doing his utmost to not show any outward flicker of emotion, yet he checked his watch and the arrivals screen more times than you can imagine, as he willed his family to walk through the doors.

We then had the mother who stared unwaveringly at the arrivals entrance, longing for that glimmer, for that first sight of her twenty-something baby girl to appear. Then, of course, we had the children, holding aloft the home-made brightly coloured banners, welcoming ‘Daddy’ home. As he walked through the doors, their much talked about plans went out of the window, the banners were quickly cast aside as they stampeded down the walkway and into each others’ arms. Whatever their story, whatever picture they paint ahead of their loved ones appearing, invariably it all goes to pot, when loved ones come into view. There’s tears, cheers, kisses, cuddles and laughter as the excitement spills over as loved ones are reunited for Christmas.

We had the opportunity to go and watch some of our grandchildren in the performance of their traditional school Nativity play, although it could have all gone horribly wrong before we’d even arrived at Bugthorpe School. Whilst travelling down the back lanes, I turned a sharp left-hand bend and suddenly the world went flashing by as we gave our own dancing on ice performance with the car making a rapid full turn pirouette on the frozen road.

Thankfully we made it safely to the school and watched a wonderful performance by all, but special mentions must go to the amazing dancing angels, the super duper stable keeper and of course the superstar camel!

So, in conclusion, I have to disagree in the strongest terms with the major high street retailer who believes that traditional Christmases are in fact a thing of the past and thinks that an enormous TV with full 360 degree sound is really what Christmas is all about.

I believe that it’s actually about being together, giving and not receiving and celebrating the events in that humble stable all those years ago.