Living the Dream: Patience is a virtue in documenting new life

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Over the last 32 months I’ve been lucky enough to write about our country living adventure, here in The Yorkshire Post. Throughout that time many people have told me “You should write a book!”

Well, that obviously got me thinking, but thinking alone will never get a book written, will it? So, back in the new year, I got myself organised and after a few false starts, bearing in mind that I’m not the most academic of souls on the planet, I started to roll with it.

Eight months on, after much chopping and changing, a great deal of re-writing, far too much tweaking and a whole bucket load of editing, I’d settled on the 101,000- plus words that I believed told the story. I then, after checking the submission requirements of many publishers, sent the manuscript out to those, I feel would be sympathetic to my subject matter.

It’s now a case of sitting back and being patient, very patient, because I understand that these things can take many, many months, to even get looked at, so fingers crossed I can get at least one favourable response… here’s hoping!

With all that book writing going on it was nice this week to get a chance to get out and walk a little. We managed to head out at the weekend and it was Naomi’s turn to choose where we would walk and we could have guessed before we asked where she would want to head.

Soon enough we arrived at Wayrehamdale, parked up, got the dogs out of the car and after crossing the A166, off we set, in a northerly direction in search of Thixendale. We had decided to take only two of the dogs, Elsa and Boo, with us for the day, as just lately, anything more than a roam around the farm is too much for our Scout, so we left the old fella snoozing in front of the stove. It wasn’t long before the dogs were off their leads and endeavouring to wear themselves out whilst we had the chance to chat and drink in the beauty around us.

At this time of year, with the vivid colours changing on the trees so quickly, it’s a joy to once again witness these changes first hand. As was to be expected with Boo, it was only minutes into the walk when she had one of the local rabbits pinned down, but thankfully, after a shout from me, she saw sense and let Thumper get on his way without any harm being done.

One of the best parts, we think, of walking on the Yorkshire Wolds Way, apart from it being beautiful, close by, not too taxing for all the family and well signposted, it is also very, very quiet. Which may not be what everyone is looking for, but we just love the fact that you come across so very few people and it’s not so commercial and rammed full of day-trippers, some of whom don’t seem to want to take their rubbish home.

In fact on one previous day out walking, we picked up 14 empty plastic drink bottles in one less than half a mile stretch of footpath overlooking Millington.

In the main I do like to do circular walks, but not on this occasion and after reaching Thixendale, we checked to see if the lady who sells her peanut butter cookies at her gate had any left. She didn’t, so we turned and headed home, settling for Wendy’s homemade brownies instead. That will do nicely, I thought!