Local authority ‘doing everything it can’ to maintain funding levels

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LOCAL authorities are bracing themselves for an elderly population boom in North Yorkshire, but insist steps are being taken to meet the challenge.

John Burroughs, housing strategy and development officer at Scarborough Council, said the impact would be greater on the county council and NHS, but said his council was already battling just to maintain current levels of funding.

He said: “In terms of seeking any further help from the Government, although we are always pushing for further funding for items such as Disabled Facilities Grant, the reality is that there is currently immense pressure on budgets and we are doing everything we can just to ensure that we can retain the current levels of funding from central Government for such services.”

A spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said responses would include a major programme of investment in extra care housing schemes and telecare, but acknowledged the strong dynamics driving the change in the area.

“In common with every other authority in the country, North Yorkshire faces the need to provide help and support for an increasing number of elderly people,” he said. “In North Yorkshire, this increase in the elderly population is exacerbated by the fact that very many people choose to retire here after their working lives. The result is an ever-rising demand for health and social care services.”