Lock and key and no votes

Have your say

From: Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

THE Government must stand absolutely firm and maintain the ban on prisoners’ voting rights.

Never mind options of giving votes to prisoners sentenced to four years or less or six months or less. Prisoners have broken their contract with society and they forfeit the right to take part in elections. End of.

The overwhelming feeling in the country is for a blanket ban and the Government must stand up to the Mickey Mouse tribunal, the European Court of Human Rights.

Disgusted at disgraced MP

From: SB Oliver, Churchill Grove, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.

LIKE John Wilson (Yorkshire Post, November 16), I, too, was rather disgusted with the letter of apology from disgraced former MP Denis MacShane.

I agree with his criticism of Mr MacShane using his family tragedy as the excuse for his actions. In his letter he also included a short list of other “wrong” things that he didn’t do, which is a typical politician’s response.

Wills’ mug shot

From: Richard Mayers, Ackworth.

Did anyone else notice in the front page photograph of Prince William (Yorkshire Post, November 21) that he was drinking out of a mug labelled “Dave”? Thanks to my boss who pointed it out to me; I wonder what “Dave” would make of the Duke of Cambridge stealing his mug...

Train of thought

From: David Davies, Burgess Road, Brigg.

WHY not move the “potash” by rail? An excellent excuse to re-instate the Whitby-Scarborough railway line, which passes close to the site of the proposed mine.