London Marathon: Incredible stats from one of the world's biggest sporting events

Here are some facts and figures about this year's Virgin Money London Marathon:

The London Marathon sees a mix of fundraisers, professional runners and keen amateurs take to the streets of the capital. (Photo:PA)

12 - Runners competing who have run in every race since the London Marathon began in 1981

12 - Victories by Kenyan male runners, making it the most successful country in the men's elite race

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16 - MPs competing in the race, the highest number ever to take part

18 - Age of the youngest runner, Bronte Randle-Bissell, who is competing just three days after her birthday

21.7 -The temperature in Celsius on the hottest London Marathon day (2007)

23 - Water stations, one every mile from mile three

26.2 - Miles making up the course

28 - Members of the clergy who successfully applied for the race, though not all will necessarily have registered to compete

40 - Lorries carrying runners' kit

45 - Ambulances

83 - Age of the oldest runner, Kenneth Jones, who has competed in every London Marathon to date

84 - Pubs on or near the course

196 - Countries where the race will be broadcast

200 - Bottles of baby oil for treating cramp

300 - Stretchers for injured runners

400 - Urinal bays at the start line

730 - Ice packs for sprains and strains

1,189 - Signs lining the length of the course

5,000 - Rubbish bags filled after the race

7,000 - Marshals on duty

40,000 - Medals for finishers of the main race to be presented with as they cross the line

253,930 - Applicants for this year's race, a record for the London Marathon

750,000 - Estimated number of spectators cheering on the runners